Fabiola Jean

Fabiola Jean is passionate, driven Broadcast Journalist with a goal of utilizing the tools, skills and influence acquired through her professional experience in order to positively impact numerous lives. Currently a contributor for the Haitian Times, where She serves as a  Field Reporter, News Writer and Show Host of “Gab with Fab”   Fabiola also serves as a staffer to GNYC News as a Field News Reporter and Writer. She’s also had the pleasure of working with as well as interning as a brand strategist for Back Roads Entertainment TV Production Company and Progressive Radio Network. She’s a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, and Long Island University.

The path to becoming a Broadcast Journalist has not been easy, but each day’s challenges have led to rich rewards and an even deeper sense of belonging and purpose in this industry.
Even with lofty goals and a rigorous work schedule, Fabiola still strives for balance and personal development. When not in the field, She dedicates her time to working on her first independent film “Salach” which means Forgiveness in Hebrew highlighting a young mans quest to meeting his homeland Haiti and his Father for the first time. In addition, has recently started a non profit organization called Propelled Media Mentorship Program mentoring young Caribbean ladies between the ages of 16-21 through multi media.