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Driven, Innovative, and Impactful is a couple words to describe this CEO of SparkC Innovation Justin Drummond. As a 2012 Division 1 NCAA Basketball Tournament participant, Drummond left this mark at Loyola University-Maryland (2010 – 2012) before transferring to the University of Toledo in 2013 to finish our his career. During this junior year of collegiate basketball, Drummond decided to embark on entrepreneurship at the age of 20 years old. With all the odds against him, he decided to form his own safety innovation consulting firm called SparkC, llc. SparkC received media publicity due to the rarity of the Drummond’s vision. After starting his SparkC in December 2013, Drummond started to manifest his passion for inspiring others and public speaking. About SparkC Innovation During April 2014, Drummond decided to act on his passion for inspiring others that led him to start a creative inspirational company called SparkC Innovation.