Starbucks Names Rosalind Brewer as Group President and Chief Operating Officer

Rosalind Brewer will officially take on her new role as Group President and COO of  Starbucks, effective October 2nd — the first woman and African-American to hold the position.

Already a current Starbucks board member, Brewer is cited by President and CEO of the corporation, Kevin Johnson, as being someone who “embodies the values of Starbucks” and is lauded for her “insight, business acumen, and leadership expertise”.

Photo By: Pinterest

Rosalind Brewer has a long resume of excellence boasting companies such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Kimberly-Clark. Having served as the first woman and Black American to lead a division of the Wal-Mart brand, Brewer is no stranger to innovation. After ten years and various strategy with Walmart’s warehouse offshoot, she was ready for a change. “I actually felt like my work was done there and I wanted to repeat that somewhere else where I had a little more influence and control,” she says. When Starbucks heard, they immediately seized the opportunity to bid for the attention of the one of world’s most powerful women (as named by Forbes magazine). Her business savvy and unique ability to connect with an audience is what sealed the deal for Johnson, Starbucks CEO. Her first order of business? Spending some time as a barista! After which, Brewer says she is “really empathetic for the work they have to do” and is actively searching for new ways to simplify their task. What a class act!

Currently, Brewer sits on the board of trustees for her alma mater, Spelman College and board of directors for Lockheed-Martin Corporation.

We, here at BCH, would like to wish Rosalind Brewer a phenomenal journey as she maintains integrity, humility, and unfettered grace!


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